James D. A. Terry, born in Belleville, Ontario, Canada in 1949, has always felt more comfortable communicating through his writing. He was born with an innate comprehension of words, their meanings and uses. As a young boy he dreamt of fantasies he would like to share. Then as a youth he began writing poetry but it didn’t give him a sense of personal fulfilment. Later he set out to write a science fiction, mystery, adventure novel. Somewhere along the way he realised that there were scores of great writers and his aspiration was unattainable. The dream of creating an everlasting legacy has always remained a hope of James. Then as a father his ambition of leaving a lasting legacy became focused on his son.

James D. A. Terry, began writing full time after he retired from over three decades as an illusionist of sorts. James had a special gift, shall we say, for making things and sometimes people disappear from unwelcome attention, reappear when desired and even transform them into distinctly dissimilar entities. His ingenious talent was his innate ability to hide items of incalculable wealth in plain sight thus protecting them against all sorts of hostile aggression from vindictive spouses, greedy governments and malicious litigants to name but a few.

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