Be Careful What You Wish For

Philip‘s review 

Jan 28, 2019

This book is one of the most hilarious supposedly mystery books I’ve read in a long time. There is enough of a mystery buried in here to allow this book to be nominated for an Arthur Ellis award but I doubt it will even make the shortlist unless there was a category for Comedic Mystery which perhaps there should be. This is really a very well written satirical take on historical mysteries and superhero books with a dash of romance, a different look at some historical events, some great atmospheric descriptions and a smattering of social commentary thrown in. I thought that this was a hootin’ great action adventure story that I quite enjoyed and it sure was a break from the various mystery, suspense, thrillers and even cozy mysteries that I normally read. And OMG the names! I’m still laughing – c’mon – Gowan Inn! Now I’ll have to try some more Paladin Projects just to see if they are all as hilarious as this one.

Renee Arthur‘s review 

Oct 08, 2018

It was amazing!

First of all I have to say that I loved the names of people and places in this book. You have characters like Mynju Manners and chef Chris P. Bacon asking with places like Gowan Inn (pronounced Go on In) and the Toller Able pub. The mystery, intrigue, plot and settings were great but the names kept me laughing through the whole book. The main characters are a paladin, who goes by the nickname, Bat, and Tiffany, a chief superintendent. This book really captured me and was hard to put down. There’s lots of mystery and intrigue and really good quotes, with the occasional outstanding descriptions. I highly recommend this book. Solomon Knight has made it to my favorite authors list by reading just this one book!

Susan‘s review 

Oct 10, 2018

I really liked it.

Spoof of a tail with humorous ‘play on words’ names for characters, a fanciful plot with some historical insight, and every now, and again some truly thoughtful insight on current events tossed in. It’s an enjoyable read that’s almost like a modern fable, imploring us to stop before acting and consider the all the possible outcomes of our actions. This is my honest, voluntary review of an advance copy of this book. Be careful what you wish for.