The Shadow Man

Philip’s Review

July 5, 2019

Ok, I’m not going to write a great detailed review here except to say this was every bit as hilarious as “Be Careful What You Wish For”, if not more so, and had an even better mystery with lots of great superhero action and a twist that I never saw coming and the good guys all won and the bad guys met appropriate endings. And the names! Wow!
Here’s some of them – LAUGH now!
“A Signor Donnatella Dacoppas.
Detective Colin Daboise
Dr. Kent C. Detrees
Professor Wishfulthinkin
International Court of Justice, Ella Mental
Kent Phail
Mynju Manners”
And this one includes a slight proofreading error –
At the beginning of the book she is named – “Dr. Ophelia Paine”
Later in book the name changed to – “Dr. Ophelia Payne”
I’ll sure read more of these when I need another good load of laughs.