Trimmed to Death

by Nancy Cohen

Published by Orange Grove Press
Cover design by Boulevard Photographica
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 “Trimmed to Death” is a well thought-out and executed cozy mystery with a gastronomy theme. A concoction of scary and bizarre ingredients of ulterior motives, hidden agendas and guilty secrets aplenty combined with a large measure of ill will make this a recipe for murder.

The characters are well drawn with well defined personalities. Our protagonist, Marla Vail, is a hairstylist with a penchant for ferreting out secrets and solving mysteries. She acts as muse for her husband Dalton, a police Detective.

Marla discovers the cold dead body of Francine, publisher of Eat Well Magazine face down in a strawberry field and wearing a jacket belonging to her friend, Alyce, a food blogger. Was it a case of mistaken identity? It’s not long before Alyce is killed in a hit and run, coincidence, perhaps?

Anger and frustration are hard emotional ingredients to master. We all experience life’s antagonisms from time to time. More often than not we will treat the source of our aggravation like the proverbial grain of sand in the oyster’s shell and we rationalize the circumstance and sometimes it becomes a pearl or beneficial adaptation. However, if an injustice is allowed to ferment it will become sour becoming acidic. One of the characters has allowed a grave injustice to spoil their life’s recipe. Ever considered if you could get away with murder? Sure you have. Maybe just as a thought experiment while watching a movie and noticing all the flaws in the plot, but there’s a good chance it’s crossed your mind.

Nancy Cohen skilfully prepares a literary repast fit for the most discerning cozy mystery connoisseur and she includes some delicious recipes.