Ball Park

by John Farrow

Published by Severn House Publishers Ltd.

Reminiscent of great composers, crime thriller author John Farrow has crafted a masterpiece of astonishing power and depth set in the underbelly of Montreal. He masterfully conducts his two protagonists, Quinn, a thief and Emile, a cop, like soloists in a magnificent symphony. Within Ball Park’s first few pages the thief’s and cop’s solos intersect. Emile, the concertmaster, acts as the referee for the other players in the opus and the conductor, John Farrow.

The ball park is a gathering place of people who are bound together because of where they live and their socioeconomic status. It is a place of socializing and a place of solitary contemplation.

Just as Star Wars’ had the wise and venerable Yoda who mentored young Jedi Knights like Luke Skywalker, Ball Park has Ezra Knightsbridge, venerated mentor to adolescent thieves. Smile you will when Ezra Knightsbridge, the shrewd pawnbroker, you meet. A kindly sage he seems who young Quinn he mentors. Can he trusted be?

The characters and their situations are so well crafted the reader will share their anxiety, fear and helplessness.

Secrets are uncovered and villains scramble to cover their nefarious deeds in the frenetic aria building in intensity to a crescendo in the finale as Emile masterminds a rescue gambit so massive it threatens to throw the entire city of Montreal into chaos and yet so exquisitely intricate. Emile’s strategy places his career and those of others in jeopardy all to save a thief, Quinn, from certain death. But will it work?

This is an edge of your seat thriller you won’t want to miss.