Threshold of Deceit

by Carol Pouliot

Published by Level Best Books
Cover art by Sean Eike

Carol Pouliot’s concept of a depression era police procedural blended with time travel just gets better and better. Doorway to Murder masterfully laid the groundwork with subtlety and care for this fascinating fusion genre. I found the word smith’s follow-up novel, Threshold of Deceit, growing in intensity and power as she follows the lives and adventures of her protagonists, Olivia Watson and Detective Sergeant Steven Blackwell.

It bears repeating that Pouliot uses time travel for a serious look at how people connect with each other. She cleverly delves into the nuances and fragility of human interaction adroitly portraying the best and the worst of the human condition.

Olivia takes you on a walking tour of a 1934 small town and paints a picture so vivid you’ll savour the rich vanilla ice cream sundaes smothered in hot fudge, sprinkled with nuts and a cherry on top. You’ll delight in filling your lungs with the fresh air as you step out onto the front porch of Steven’s home and choke as you enter the Gazette offices so smoke filled you can cut it with a knife.

You’ll be caught up in the mystery as Detective Sergeant Steven Blackwell is confronted with the compelling and complex conundrum of the case of the comeuppance of a Casanova. You’ll ride the roller coaster of emotions with Steven as he is frustrated by the twists, turns and misleading dead ends in the pursuit of a diabolical murderer.

Everyone is in for a surprise as Olivia pitches in when the going gets tough.

Doorway to Murder wetted my appetite for more Watson and Blackwell and Threshold of Deceit has delivered.

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