Fearless Nurse Faces Certain Death as She Takes on Mob

A retired Detroit, Michigan nurse, Deborah Hughes, found herself doing what many would consider out of the question. At fifty-nine years of age, standing just four foot eleven inches and weighing one hundred and twenty-six pounds she could hardly be thought of as intimidating.

Fearlessly she stood between certain death and its victim when she put herself in the middle of a mob attack on their clearly overwhelmed target.

Steve Utash accidentally struck a ten year old boy with his pick-up truck when the boy unexpectedly darted out in front of him. Utash stopped his vehicle straight away and rushed to the aid of the injured boy.

Across the street Hughes was cleaning her house when a neighbour called with the news a child had just been hit by a car. She grabbed a coat and ran out, first checking on the child suffering from minor injuries. While comforting the boy, she looked up and saw a mob beating a man.

Rushing to the man’s defence she threw herself on top of him shielding him from the vicious kicks of the men surrounding him pleading with the crowd to stop. The crowd backed off allowing Hughes to perform CPR until the ambulance arrived.

Hughes said though she was scared, the fear didn’t get to her.

“I don’t know. Something happened. I had courage. I just didn’t want them to hurt him,” she said in a December interview with the Free Press. “Sometimes, I’ll sit here and I’ll cry. And I’ll say, ‘Did I actually do that?”

Hughes, however, is certain of one thing. If she hadn’t stepped in, she said: “He would be dead … those boys would have beat him to death.”

Paladins fear nothing for evil fears them.

After weeks in a coma and months in recovery Utash has returned to work.