Woman Makes Ultimate Sacrifice to Save Stranger

Rachel Davis was attempting to calm down two groups of young people involved in an alcohol-fuelled fight when she was shot at close range outside a bar in the Gastown district of Vancouver.

Saff Imran Sharif, 25, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Ms. Davis, 23, and Richard Hui, 24, killed outside the Purple Onion nightclub in the early morning hours of Jan. 3, 2004. Sharif also wounded a number of other people outside the bar and was charged with five counts of attempted murder and five counts of aggravated assault.

Sharif went to the Purple Onion that evening with two alleged associates in his drug-trafficking operation. Sharif and a friend were intoxicated as a result of drinking a full bottle of rum.

A fight broke out between two groups of people in the bar who gathered outside in the street after it closed as a result of a “dispute over a girl.

Ms. Davis, Mr. Templer and other friends were at the Purple Onion for about an hour before closing. As they went outside to hail a cab, they noticed a fight between an “Asian” and an “East Indian” group. One of the East Indian men “ended up on the ground. He was being kicked,” Mr. Templer said.

As the man began to get up, “a female in the Asian group kicked him right in the face, really hard.” The same woman attempted to start a fight with Ms. Davis, he said.

“Rachel and I said we are not here to start anything. That is when we walked away,” Mr. Templer testified. A few moments later he said he saw an East Indian male, who was next to the man being kicked, holding a gun.

Mr. Templer tried to duck when shots were fired. He saw his friend Ms. Davis lying on the ground. “She was bleeding profusely,” said Mr. Templer.

Frankie Mathews, an employee of Sharif’s in the illicit drug trafficking trade, did not enter the Purple Onion because he did not have ID and was asleep a short distance away from the bar in Sharif’s SUV when his mobile phone rang. He heard yelling in the background of the call and was told to grab “something.” Mathews said he brought “what appeared to be a gun” to Sharif, who was outside the bar and holding his face.

Mathews said he saw an Asian male “running around” in a circle. Sharif took the gun, “turned and just shot that guy,” in the upper back, from a distance of about one metre. “I turned around and ran down the alley,” Mathews said.