In a World of Selfies and Social Media

In a world of selfies and social media; where celebrities are worshipped and we look to them for our political, personal and spiritual guidance we desperately need a few genuine heroes. Tragically, liberal historians and educators have virtually erased traditional heroes or Paladins from history.

In many ways, it’s inevitable given human nature that we’re drawn to the unusual, the sensational and the noise of even scandalous news.

Yet, heroism can be very quiet and very ordinary. A real hero, someone from whom we can learn a valuable life lesson, doesn’t have to make headlines. A hero just has to do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons.

Heroes today come in all shapes and sizes.

It’s true that heroes often wear uniforms, not just sporting garb, but also military, fire and police, and they all too often don’t get credit for preventing the worst of things from happening.

Heroes are everywhere. You just need to know where to look to find them.

Heroes walk the halls of hospitals. They are dedicated and skilled doctors and nurses, and they are volunteers who come to sit and pray and bring communion. A hero in a hospital may not provide a cure, but they offer hope.

Many teachers are heroes, often possessing the patience of Job. Today they not only must manage a curriculum but also be prepared to manage a crisis.

Faithful pastors and missionaries, those who tell others about Jesus, are heroes. In a culture quick to criticize standards, standing in a pulpit and sharing God’s perspective isn’t always popular. It takes guts to preach the Gospel.

And they may not wear a uniform, collect a paycheck or don a robe, but some of the heroes of the highest order are moms and dads and grandparents, who quietly go about their selfless work of nurturing and training the next generation. Unlike a lot of heroes in the headlines that are here today and gone tomorrow they make memories that fame and fortune just can’t buy, memories that children will carry into adulthood. Memories will not only soothe and comfort when things turn tough, which they will from time to time, but will provide crucial, perhaps even life saving, guidance and hope in an otherwise hopeless situation.

Yes, moms and dads are not perfect. But they play a perfect part of God’s perfect plan

So, yes, some say heroes are a thing of the past. I disagree. What about you? Are there people you encourage your kids to admire and look up to?