A Christmas Miracle

Christmas morning a desperate plea for help went out in the hopes that someone would hear and respond. The pitiful cry for help was heard 5,000 miles away by mistake, (or was it a mistake?). The call from the 23 year old suicidal woman set in motion a series of coincidences, (or were they coincidences?) and launched a team of Paladins into action.

The caller, a resident of Surrey, British Columbia on the west coast of Canada, reached out from the depths of despair and without realizing it connected with police in Surrey, United Kingdom.

The twists of fate were not finished with this Christmas tale. The 23 year old was kept talking on the line for 30 minutes by a compassionate call handler in Guilford, Ellie Benson. Meanwhile colleagues raced against time to make contact with a Canadian police woman, PC Antoinette Rowe, visiting another UK police operator, school friend Vanessa Reynolds, for a Christmas holiday.

Remarkably, Ms Reynolds had forgotten she was working the Christmas shift when she had invited PC Rowe to spend the holiday.

Ms. Reynolds said: “It certainly wasn’t the plan for Christmas morning! I invited Antoinette to stay over Christmas, before I realised I was working.”

The Canadian Police Officer from Toronto received the green light to join Ms Reynolds in the contact centre and was immediately put to work. Once police and first responders in Surrey, British Columbia were reached and given relevant details gleaned by Ms. Benson they were able to find the woman and save her life.

Coincidence or Christmas miracle you decide?