Beyond the Truth by Bruce Robert Coffin

Published by Harper Collins Publishers
Cover design by Guido Caroti

“A gripping atmospheric thriller that finds the dark side of Portland, Maine. The Detective Byron mystery series is one of the finest to arrive in a long time.” —#1 New York Times bestselling author Douglas Preston

“A superbly realistic, tense, and exciting novel.” —  New York Times bestselling author Reed Farrel Coleman

I must confess that Crime Novels were not my genre of choice, however, after reading Bruce Robert Coffin’s “Beyond the Truth” my preconceptions have been shattered.

We witness the fear, despair and suspicion that police officers everywhere encounter everyday as they endeavour to serve and protect, as seen through the eyes of Portland, Maine Detective Sergeant John Byron. John is overwhelmed when he comes up against seemingly impenetrable walls at every turn while simultaneously battling his own personal demons.

It all begins innocuously enough with a late night robbery of a Laundromat until it turns deadly and doubt is cast upon an officer’s actions. Things go from bad to worse as the avalanche of community unrest, precipitated by politicians playing fast and loose with the truth, department leaks, and a member of the fourth estate abusing the “people’s right to know”, threaten to not only bury the investigation but also crush its participants.  The situation is exacerbated by elusive evidence and reluctant witnesses.

Is the cascading cataclysm clearly a cruel course of bad decisions and unfortunate events or are there more sinister forces at work? Ultimately Byron is forced to make a choice he may not have the chance to regret in order to finally reveal the truth bringing peace to the tumult?

The author skillfully creates an irresistible compulsion to read on in search of the next clue that will surely lead to the truth but the truth is elusive. The reader is swept along in a current of emotion surging in intense grief during a ceremonial last radio call so poignant you will be moved to tears.

Bruce Robert Coffin is brilliant at creating a sense of realism so powerful you will feel that you are witness to the events and processes of an actual police investigation. He truly is a master of his craft.

“Beyond the Truth” challenged my preconception of crime novels and has emerged triumphant. He has, without doubt, opened my eyes to a genre that hitherto I was predisposed to overlook.

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