Hard Aground by Brendan Dubois

Published by Pegasus Books Ltd.
Jacket design by Faceout Studio, Charles Brock
Jacket Imagery: Hayden Verry / Arcangel

“Lewis Cole uncovers closely guarded secrets and makes clever use of some unwitting allies, but he still has to struggle against some surprising twists, as DuBois spins an elaborate web of deceptions to test his amateur sleuth in this entertaining tale.” – Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

“DuBois has created a fascinating character in Lewis Cole.” – The Boston Globe

“Hard Aground” is a quirky mystery reminiscent of “Alfred Hitchcock’s, “Rear Window” and Robert B. Parker’s, “Spenser for Hire”. It is brilliantly written by an author possessing a quirky, sometimes self deprecating, sometimes subtly acerbic but always entertaining sense of humour.

The reader will experience action and suspense, as bullets fly amidst drugs gang unrest and the sounds of someone unseen creeping about your home late at night, whilst you lie helplessly bedridden from major surgery. The impending danger is akin to a nightmare in which the dreamer lies immobilized but former Department of Defense research analyst, Lewis Cole is not asleep.

Cole seems to be in the eye of the storm as mysteries swirl around him like a maelstrom as mundane as having an itch he can’t seem to reach, the violent death of a local antiques dealer for no apparent reason, angry drug dealers and all the while being harassed by would be genealogists.

You’ll smell the salt air, hear the waves breaking on the rocks, the screeching of the sea birds as they dip and dive in the ocean and feel the ocean spray on your face as you slip into the world of Lewis Cole.

A well crafted and outstandingly entertaining story told with an air of mischief. Brendan DuBois, an award winning author of 22 novels and 160 short stories has written another attention grabbing winner. I would highly recommend the Lewis Cole mystery series.