The Paladin Project

The entire Paladin series is dedicated to justice and “doing the right thing” as illustrated by the Wisdom of Solomon. Justice not only requires wisdom it requires strength of character for although we are not saved by our deeds we are saved to do good deeds.

The Paladin Project is the brainchild of Prince Solomon Amadeus O Early and championed by Baron Kent C. Detrees, members of a top secret council charged with the identification and elimination of insidiously evil international organizations bent on world domination. Paladins are a carefully selected and highly trained elite force unanimously deputized by the International Criminal Court and sanctioned by all of the governments of the free world. The International League of Paladins is tasked with seeking out international evil and dispensing justice.

The Paladins’ Motto

Confortamini et non dissolvantur manus vestrae erit enim merces operi
Be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded. – 2 Chronicles 15:7