Inside a Writer’s Head

Posted in Maine Crime Writers on January 9, 2019 by Bruce Robert Coffin An insightful look at the process of writing a novel by a brilliant and witty bestselling author of the Detective Byron mystery series and former Detective Sergeant. via Inside A Writer’s Head

In a World of Selfies and Social Media

In a world of selfies and social media; where celebrities are worshipped and we look to them for our political, personal and spiritual guidance we desperately need a few genuine heroes. Tragically, liberal historians and educators have virtually erased traditional heroes or Paladins from history. In many ways, it’s inevitable …

The Illusionist

Illusion is the act of performing seemingly impossible feats using natural means. David Copperfield raised a giant screen in front of the Statue of Liberty. When he dropped it, the statue was gone. How is this possible, you ask yourself? You have a pretty good understanding of how objects behave and you …

The U.S. a Security Risk to Canada

In the 1920s and 30s the United States even had a contingency plan to invade Canada and, tucked away in a dusty corner of the Pentagon, they almost certainly still do. Perhaps Canada should realize that the U.S. is not a true friend. After having tried to invade us 4 …

Too Far Down the Slippery Slope

A generation taught to hate the country will refuse to defend it. Let that sink in.

What if I told you that no matter how much information you share with your friends about the corrupt government and our liberties disappearing, 97% just won’t care until it’s too late and only then will they wonder how we allowed this to happen.